What I Remember Most

by Edgar Santiago

The 4 years I spent @ Tarlac High are my most remembered teen years. It is here where I discovered the life I was about to trek. It is @ THS where I first experienced my 5 L’s: Learning, Listening, Loving, Laughing and Living. It is @ THS that enhanced the Edgardo Santiago in me. The boy who is shy, bashful, and quiet yet imposing when called upon for challenges... [ more ]

High School: A Reminiscence

by Aurora M. Bartolo-Mendoza

Four decades ago, on April 21, 1972, four-hundred thirty-eight young children of God went up the stage to receive a diploma. This event was a significant one, not only to the child, but to the proud parents as well because it marked the end of the second level of basic education and the beginning of supposedly another stage of life – college life... I would like to rewind the hands of time and reminisce those moments I consider precious and worth saving in my long-term memory... [ more ]