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The International Group members of THS BATCH 1972 are residents outside the Philippines. A majority of them are based in the United States (California, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Illinois, New York), and some are based in Canada, Italy, Australia, United Kingdom, Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq), Switzerland, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, China, Singapore and other countries.

The recent gathering in Las Vegas in August 2010 is one of the few events that the International Group has hosted. It was a gathering to remember as each one in attendance reminisces the good old days in Tarlac High; each one sharing their own memories of high school. As the Rolling Stones song goes, “That high school days are the best school time days, spring and summer, whatever time of the year, high school forever...” And those who attended show a sampling of international attendees.

Present were: Isidro Garcia (Sydney, Australia), Virgilio Lajera (Sydney, Australia) and Wesley Grivas (along with wife Carol – Sydney, Australia) joined the group in the “Sin City” where Edgar Santiago (Dallas, Texas), Aurora Bartolo Mendoza (Maryland), Tibortito Tan (Hayward, California) and Irene Domingo-Barba (Los Angeles, California) were waiting. Altogether, they were met by Leonila Carreon-Rupp (Richmond, Virginia), Yolanda Alfonso Balajadia (together with husband and son – Los Angeles, California), Doris Taguiam- Tancioco) (San Francisco, California), May Suarez-Villaflores (Los Angeles, California), Felicitas Mina (Ontario, Canada), Adela Maglanoc-Manlutac (Los Angeles, California) and Rick Manlutac (Los Angeles, California). Later on, the group were joined in by Francisco Tacliad (and wife Tess – San Diego, California) and Eduardo Serame (and wife Cely – Los Angeles, California). Cely De Jesus-Lee (Quezon City, Philippines), Bessie Ocampo (Makati, Philippines).

In previous meetings, some members got together in San Francisco. Tibo Tan, Edna Biag, Aurora Lubrin, Remy Alonzo and Doris Tancioco had a great time whipping “sinigang” and partaking the “sushi” and “sashimi.”

Aurora Mendoza, Aurora Lubrin, Remy Alonzo and Florante Pineda had their own time to meet and refresh their high school days in Daly City in 2009.

The group gathers in Los Angeles February 19, 2011.