How it all began.


Cesar Espinosa (deceased) led the 20-year reunion of THS Batch 1972 held in a resort west of Tarlac city dubbed, Pagkikita 92. It was attended by batchmates mostly Tarlac residents. As Reynante Espinosa remembers, it was a fun and relaxing time to see former classmates now mostly professionals and married and with kids. Elmer Dizon got the motorcade going and the rest of the team of Eric Aguinaldo got the get-together in a well organized manner. Fifteen years later, another meeting was held.


Eric Aguinaldo, Aurora Bartolo-Mendoza, Mar Bergania, Arceli Dominguez, Salvacion Cabalu-Tomines, Lourdes Balibat-Corpuz, Ateneo Lenon, Serma Martin-Lopez to mention a few gathered in Tarlac and started discussing THE 40th year, Ruby Reunion. The gathering became a project, an offshoot of the yearly mini reunions held since 2007 by a group of about 15 to 20 alumni mostly coming from Section 1. The mini reunions served a venue for fostering unity, friendship and camaraderie.


In July 2008, the proponents thought of having a batch reunion in 2012 to commemorate 40 years of the batch with the main objective of bringing together as many alumni as possible in order to reconnect and reunite for a common goal. Florante Esteban was one of those who hatched the idea.


During the mini reunion at La Majorca Hotel in July of 2009, the date of the reunion was set to July 14, 2012. An ad-hoc committee was formed, brainstorming was held and specific tasks were assigned to those who volunteered and to those who were thought to be capable of doing the tasks. Brainstorming notes taken by Au Mendoza were turned over to Nestor Arcansalin. However, work-related problems may have prevented most of the assignments to move and advance. Or perhaps they were thinking along the line that 2012 is still that far and it is too early to start working on the project.

The internet and some online programs (classmates, Friendster and Facebook) were used to track down batch mates not only overseas but also those who are in the country. The news about the 2012 reunion spread like a wild fire and soon, it was selling like hotcakes especially for those who have not been home for a long time.


In March 26, 2010, Edgar Santiago took the initiative of starting to plan and organize the project. Edgar convened some of the alumni in Manila to discuss the project over lunch at Cabalen Restaurant in Makati City. Batchmates were classified according to their current abode. Locals-based in Tarlac. Domestic-based in Manila and anywhere outside Tarlac City. International-based outside the Philippines. Present were Terry Ofrecio Nocum, Reynante Espinosa, Victor Bautista, Cely De Jesus Lee, Bessie Ocampo and the same batch mates who have always been there in organizing the event.

Another meeting was held three days later in Tarlac City presided over by Enrico Aguinaldo and Robert Cristobal to solidify the project. Francisco Tacliad was also in attendance. Minutes were posted on Facebook under THS Pangarap account. From thereon, there was no stopping.


Several mini reunions were held. Local Team in Tarlac City. The Domestic team in Manila, Makati and Quezon City. The International team in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Now the Reunion in Tarlac: July 14, 2012 and in Manila on July 17, 2012

Project Goals and Objectives:

The main objective of the project is to bring together as many Tarlac High School Batch 1972 alumni as possible in order to reconnect for a common goal. Specifically, the reunion aims to:

Notably, The Local team elected Quirino Tabelina, Renato Lampa and Joselito Mendoza as presidents on interim in 2010, 2011 and 2012 respectively.

The THS Batch 72 Ruby Reunion aims to record and document the entire event and recall the beautiful memories of class 1972 of Tarlac High in a Memory Book. Under the implementing team of Lorna Mapalo-Defino, Angelina Guieb-Gonoyechea, Reynante Espinosa, Cely De Jesus Lee, Victor Bautista and the rest of the Domestic team.