Ms. Corazon Flaminiano and the II-1 Class. Robert Cristobal answers a Philippine History question while the class listens intently. Nestor, Ricarte, Enrico, Mariano, Maximo, Aurora, Lourdes, Digna, Manuel, Ricardo are a few of the recognizable. JS PROM 1971. (kneeling L-R) Victor Bautista, Ed Serame, Ric Tiglao, Eric Aguinaldo, Mar Bergania, (Seated L-R) Lorna Dion, Brenda Bocobo, Delia Manalang, Ms. Nancy Dizon, Remedios Bulaon, Amelia Castaneda, Angie Baun, (Standing L-R) Lorna Mapalo, Aurora Bautista, Aurora Bartolo, Victoria Pineda,   Marietta David, Janet Salvador  (Standing last row L-R) Roberto Cristobal, Emanuel Nulud, Maximo Bajas, Nestor Arcansalin, Wilfredo Tomas. 1969 Mother's Day with JANET SALVADOR, REBECCA VELASCO, LORNA DION, CECILIA DE JESUS, AURORA BARTOLO, GERTRUDES MANALAC 1972 J S Prom 1972batch BLOWOUT.  The Top Five of the THS graduating class with their parents savor a sumptuous meal at a local fine restaurant, URDU along with the THS teachers. Batchmate Cely De Jesus and classmate in Tarlac High, circa 1970.... Cely De Jesus, Susan Samson, Rebecca Velasco, Rowena Tabamo Danny Cadelini, Beth Sese, Myrna Sarmeinto,Edgar S Dante Pagatpatan, Lorna Dion, aurora bartolo, Robert Cristobal Edgar, Rene Magno, Remy Bulaon, Rosalind Halili Emmanuel Nulud, Salve,Lourdes Balibat, Marietta David (RIP), Dante Pagatpatan (RIP),  Manuel Cuaresma, Ricardo Tiglao, Florante Esteban, Eduardo Serrame FOUR-2 Class  Picture. Spot yourself. You win a prize if you can find yourself. Look for Ms. Flaminiano for your prize. THE BOYS OF SUMMER 1972 @ Tarlac High. All together now, Sections 1-5. Mr. Figueroa was the Physical Education teacher who wanted everyone to be athletic, quick, fast and toned> But first, you have to pass the two written exams. Virgilio Manite and Virgilio Lajara are two of the boys highly recognizable in this stolen photo shot. Both are in second row, 3rd and 4th from right. The THS Student Council Elected by the studentry.  1971 July.  Fourteen months before Martial Law declaration. Mr., Pedro Gonzales led the oath taking of the elected officers. Ira Aganon (President), Maximo Bajas (Vice President), Geronimo Buan (Senate President). Senators elected: Ed Serame, Ricardo Tiglao, Armando Basa, Edgar Santiago. Not in photo: Serma Martin, the lone female senator elected. 1972 THS STUDENT BODY. Left to right seated: Geronimo Buan (Senator), Ira Aganon (President)), Mr. Pedro Gonzales (Superintendent), Mrs. Cunanan (Principal), Ms. Corazon Flaminiano (Adviser), Maximo Bajas (Vice President) Second Row: Pol Carpio ( Auditor), Arceli Dominguez ( Auditor), Evelyn Carlos ( Treasurer), Cynthia Zamora (Asst Secretary), Delia Manalang( Asst. Treasurer) (, Remedios Bulaon (muse), Zenaida Baret (3rd yr. Rep), Serma Martin (Senator, Ernesto Daos (2nd yr. Rep) Last Row: Rod Lagonilla ( Auditor) , Ricardo Tiglao (Senator), Florante Esteban (4th yr. Rep), Manuel  Cuaresma  (Secretary), Arturo Basa (Senator),  Eduardo Serame (Senator), Armando Gonzales (Sgt at Arms), Elmer Dizon (Asst. PRO), Edgardo Santiago (Senator) Not in Photo; Angelina Baun ( Auditor), Ernesto Cunanan (1st year Rep)
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