(Outside Tarlac, around Manila and around the Philippines)


The Domestic Side team composed of THS batch mates who have moved away from Tarlac. Mostly, the team members are Manila-based and in around the neighboring suburbs. As most THS graduates went to school in Manila, many of them have found residence in the most populous city of the Philippines – Manila, now with 9.7 million residents as of September 2010. The DOMESTICS include those who reside outside Tarlac province.

The initial meeting was held in Cabalen last March 19, 2010 attended by Reynante Espinosa, Cely De Jesus, Bessie Ocampo, Victor Bautista, Mar Bergania, Nestor Arcansalin and Nenita Cabanes, as the first set of members. In the luncheon meeting, they were joined by Salvacion Cabalu, Teresita Ofrecio and Cely Dominguez from the Local View, and Edgar Santiago and Robert Cristobal from the Global Front. Belinda De Leon (a THS Batch 73 grad) joined the group too.

On July 18, 2010, Lorna Mapalo, Noel Navarro, Rodolfo Lagonilla joined Nestor, Nenita, Victor, Cely, Bessie and Reynante during the Manila visit of Aurora and Edgar.

Later on, Victoria Pineda spent vacation and holiday with the well-knit DOMESTICS in the enchanting Tri-Noma eatery somewhere in Quezon City (so Cely Lee says). She was joined by the full attendance team of Lorna, Rey, Nestor, Bong, Noel, Rod, Aurora, Cely, Bessie, and Arceli.

Much later, a new breed of DOMESTICS came to fore. Gen. Art Tabaquero and Col Regidor Dela Cruz joined the Domestics along with Ernesto Mercado. The Domestic team continues to increase their tribe.

Other noted DOMESTICS are Fe Jotic and Maximo Bajas.